Press & Scout ticket requests

Press passes: requests for press admission should be made 1 working day before the date of the match you wish to attend. Requests should be made in writing to the club secretary, stating your name and providing details of your publication, website or other media organisation.

Scout requests: requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be made in writing to at least one working day before the date of the match. Scouts must state their name and club, and be able to provide appropriate photographic identification at the turnstile. Scouts without photographic identification must ensure that an email from an official at their club has been sent to the Fisher FC club secretary confirming their status.

A maximum of one scout ticket per club, per match, will be issued. Any additional club representatives must pay the standard admission charge at the turnstile.

While we will endeavour to support all reasonable requests, Fisher FC reserve the absolute right to refuse to issue press or scout passes, and to revoke such passes that have been issued at any time prior to kick-off.

No press or scout passes can be issued at the turnstiles. If passes have not been requested in advance, the standard admission charge must be paid before entry to the match can be granted.

Fisher cannot reserve car parking spaces for visiting press or scouts.