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Why Sponsor Us?

Our structure, operation and values makes us unique locally and prominent at a national level. Our goals and values project a positive image and our story and cause are compelling.

We are a visibly proactive organisation, drawing on the wide ranging skills of our board and members to promote ourselves and our partners in a modern, professional and dynamic manner. Fisher are proud to have a strong set of club values which guide us both on and off the field; we are Inclusive, Ethically Minded, Not-for-profit, Community Minded, Sustainable and Fan Focused.

Locally, we work to deliver content that ensures great press coverage of both sporting and community activities. We use direct marketing and a strong presence at local festivals and events and to reach and interact with our target audience and community.

We extend our reach through online communication and our ability to embrace national events such as the annual Non-League Day and have strong links with national non-league press, both in print and online. Our popular website boasts a level of content and engagement higher than the majority of other football clubs at this. We are also pro active on social media, with an active Facebook audience and are among the most followed non-league football clubs on Twitter with 5000+ followers.

  • For further details on sponsorship opportunities email our business development manager: programmes.fisherfc@yahoo.com to get the ball rolling

Packages start from as little as £40; Fisher recognise the needs and reach of a number of local businesses and have a range of opportunities available to meet different budgets.

So join us as together we make Fisher the best football club in south London.

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