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Abbo – we all need to stick together. Fisher 0 – 3 Cray Valley PM

On Tuesday evening we fired up the floodlights for the first time at St Paul’s, but it seems that a change in atmosphere and a large crowd wasn’t enough to inspire a change in fortunes for the Fish. Gary Abbott was one again left ruing a frustrating game which saw the home side struggle to find their rhythm in the first half, fight back in the second only to see another game slip away.

“Tuesday night’s game was hugely frustrating again. We had two new Center Halves out there, one of whom was not fit as we could all see; Joe Wadham (the other one) has done well, but we gave a sloppy goal away which we are doing every game. The Cray Valley winger gets the ball and I’ve got 3 players around him which left another man open on his own. You double up on the ball yes, but not 3 players. I really don’t think we are giving the right information out and talking on the pitch.”

Cray Valley, up to 2nd in the table, took the lead through Aaron Jeffery just before the break, having seen more of the play in the first period. Prior to the goal the game was delayed for a period after the Fisher keeper Ricky Wadham took a blow to the head, but he was fit to resume. Ricky has since been glued back together by the NHS and is hoping to be fit to play again on Saturday. Gary’s words at half time appeared to liven the home side up, but the boss was frustrated to see chances missed once again.

“After the first goal we started playing our football and getting hold of the ball more, but we are still giving the ball away to much in silly areas which puts us on the back foot. In the second half I thought when we had our spell for 20/25 mins and we really should have equalised when Trey went through. I must say I thought with his form this season he was going to score, which changes the game for me. When you dominated play as much as we did in that period of the game you must take your chances; if we do then I think we go on and win the game. Yes they missed a few chances and Ricky has pulled off a few stops, but that’s the same in every game, teams are always going to miss chances whatever league.”

“Then the last 15 mins we just lack that experience one again to keep doing what we are doing, getting the ball and keep playing. We got really sloppy and gave two more goals away at the death. My focus now is making sure that we all stick together and look forward to the weekend against Lordswood, who are going through a bad spell like ourselves so it’s a massive game for both teams.”

Gary’s last word of the night was reserved for one of the players who has been quietly standing out over the last few games. “I would like to mention how well I think young Joel Mensa is playing. At just 18 he’s got so much ability and we can see him growing in confidence and ability with every game.”


Fisher 0 – 3 Cray Valley PM

Cray Valley PM scorers – Jeffery ’42, Gayle ’88, Bremner ’90(+3)

Fisher starting XI – R. Wadman, Izukanne, Miller, Woon, J. Wadman, Mensah, Roche, Hussein, McLeod-Bentley, Williams, Adesina
Fisher substitutes – Booker, Menga, Wason, Jabbie, Graham

Attendance – 189

Photograph © David Anderson. There are more match images on Dave’s Flickr page.