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South london Is Black and White – FA Cup match preview

South London is Black & White is website run by Tooting and Mitcham fans. They have a written an excellent pre-match review of the FA Cup game between Tooting and Fisher.

FA Cup Preview

It’s hard to believe competitive football is about to start. TMUFC last kicked a ball in anger 27 weeks ago. Over half of a year, in Hanwell, the game that was supposed to kick start a run of form that we felt, buoyed on the Central Line back towards civilisation, was going to take us into the playoffs, through the playoffs and maybe up a division. 27 weeks of uncertainty and hard work behind the scenes that may yet prove just to be the tip of the iceberg. But we are back. Tooting is back.

On Saturday, we welcome South London rivals Fisher FC to Imperial Fields in the FA Cup. Having demolished Horsham YMCA in their *extra* preliminary round, they secured a place in the Preliminary Round Proper, let’s call it. The FA Cup is a mighty river with uncountable tributary brooks and streams, but Fisher FC are now downstream of us and we must navigate them to have any chance of getting to whatever they’ve called the next qualifying round, on our way to whatever they call the one we want to get to in order to start earning enough money to have made opening the ground worth it with a million games to go before we might come up against, say, fucking Northwood. The FA Cup is a brilliant competition and we all love it, of course. Perhaps the magic of the cup will be reinvigorated this season as it hasn’t been diluted by the other ridiculous cup competitions which have fallen by the COVID wayside. I think the disbanding of the Velocity Trophy is the single thing I hate the least about the last 6 months.

Fisher are Bermondsey-based and will be familiar to many Bog Enders with more miles in the tank than I can boast. Also playing in black and white, they currently ply their trade in the Southern Counties East league against teams like local SW London outfit Balham. Recent Terrors signing Billy Brown was found at Fisher FC, where I am told he was a firm fan favourite. It’s unlucky that Billy finds himself recovering from a slight injury setback, or I’m sure he might have enjoyed running out against his alma mater. Fisher fans, however, may be pleased not to have face his well-documented pace, a velocity I *am* looking forward to experiencing soon.

Given that we had a successful test event at Imperial Fields, when 67 people (not including volunteers) paid £5 to watch our first team play our under 23s and then stand outside the bar drinking their post-match beers, we are now able to welcome 400 into the ground for this tie. It’d be great to see the Bog End heaving under the weight of socially-distanced supporters of Tooting, Fisher and any other football fan hungry for a fix of the beautiful game presented live. As we are all aware, 6 months without people on the terraces is tough on club finances. Before the professional game returns, or in fact even after that, given probable restrictions on numbers, clubs like TMUFC have an opportunity to reach out to football fans and get their patronage. We have the opportunity to fill the live-sport shaped hole, carved out by an uncontrollable virus and government ineptitude, for a few hundred local people. But only if they choose to. Please choose to. If we get enough people to come and see the football, they might even consider opening the function room so the 20 lads playing lacrosse aren’t the only folk who can stay indoors while they sup a pint.

Fisher supporters- you’ll be very welcome at our place, as ever.

New folk to Imperial Fields- you’ll be very welcome too.

Up the competing-again Stripes.

Adam Best

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