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Sponsor a player

As we settle into the new year there’s still opportunities open to sponsor one of your favourite Fisher players

This season’s squad is one of the most exciting and dynamic we had at Fisher for a while – 9 league wins on the run is testament to that. These lads work their socks off for the club, turn out week after week, put their heart and soul into winning, the least we can do as fans of a fan-owned club is acknowledge that commitment and applaud their skill and performance on the pitch.

Sponsoring a player is one way of showing how much you value them as players and it helps the club financially. Shockingly there’s still a few lads without sponsors – don’t forget it takes 11 to make a team, and it’s teams that win matches and league titles.

It costs just £30 to sponsor a player and for that you get your name next to the chosen player in every matchday programme, a framed photograph of you with your sponsored player, website coverage and thanks on our various social media streams.

  • It’s easy to sponsor one of the team simply email or come and speak to our programme editor Ian Murphy during any home matches.

Remember this is your club, this is our team, they’re doing us proud, so be proud.


Photo courtesy of David Anderson, Fisher’s unofficial matchday photographer. See all his Fisher photos here:

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