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Dockers End Two get a mention on TalkSPORT2

Free the Dockers End Two!

Tony Incenzo who does the Non-League Round-Up for TalkSPORT2 gave the Fish a mention in his weekly update today concerning the two Fisher fans down at the Dockers End who were threatened with a sending off by the ref during the London Senior Trophy quarter finals on saturday against Forest Hill Park.

Tony picked up on the now infamous tweet put out by our match reporter during the game (which has technically gone viral – it’s been viewed over 85,000 times so far!)

and read from the match report to much amusement and disbelief from those in the studio.

According to the match report: The ref went off the pitch and got into a heated conversation with a spectator. The players decided to get on with the game, and play continued for a minute before anyone noticed the absence of the referee. A second spectator joined the debate with the referee, which ended with the referee threatening to abandon the game if the two spectators did not move from their position near the halfway line to behind the goals.

It is not clear how or why the referee thought he had the authority to do that, and the spectators would have been quite entitled to stand their ground, but they decided to move in the interests of diplomacy and of getting on with the match. In hindsight, perhaps abandoning the match would have been the best outcome for Fisher… A truly bizarre incident!

We have now set up a campaign to free the Dockers End Two. We go where we want!

Listen to Tony’s round up (Fish on 8.23mins):

Read the match report here:

Cheers Tony mate, any time you’re down Bermondsey way drop in for a pint and a signed copy of the referee’s rule book!


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