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CONIFA World Cup 2018 – Tamil Eelam v Cascadia

Tamil Eelam v Cascadia
Sunday 3 June 2018
3pm kick-off
Conifa World Cup 2018 – Group A

St Paul’s Stadium
Salter Road
London SE16 5EF

Adults: £11
Under 18s: £5

Team preview According to Joe website:

The CONIFA World Football Cup kicked off on May 31, and if you didn’t already know, it’s better than its FIFA equivalent for a number of very good reasons.

As we all know, football is no fun unless you have a team to cheer for, even if you have no real connection to them. With that in mind, here is a handy guide to turn you from a neutral into a diehard Northern Cyprus fan or Metabeleland hardcore. To help with that, here are all the Premier League equivalents to the teams who will feature in the CONIFA tournament.

Tamil Eelam = Crystal Palace
Tamil Eelam qualified for the 2014 World Football Cup by beating Darfur 10-0. That was good. At the tournament proper, they lost 9-0 to Iraqi Kurdistan. That was bad.

They are, in both parts, a variant of this season’s Crystal Palace team, except in reverse. From Crystal Palace under Roy Hodgson to Crystal Palace under Frank De Boer. Or something. I don’t know, really.

Cascadia = Wolverhampton Wanderers
I know, I know, Wolves technically aren’t a Premier League team yet, but this is why they are the perfect team for Cascadia, a team composed of players from the US states of Washington and Oregon and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Cascadia have yet to play a single international game. Their first will be in this tournament. Look at their Wikipedia page, and you will see none of their players have a made a single appearance.

Cascadia are the young, untested, Portuguese-tinted Wolves squad, about to see if they sink or swim in the Premier League.

Map and directions:


Train station: Rotherhithe (on the London Overground).

  • Turn left out of the station and the stadium is roughly 10 minutes walk directly along Salter Rd.

Tube station: Canada Water (on the Jubilee Line).
Out of the station (bus station exit) you can either:

  • Turn right on Surrey Quays Rd, then right onto Lower Rd – passing the blue plaque building of Michael Caine’s birthplace! When you get to the Rotherhithe Tunnel roundabout take a right onto Brunel Rd which leads into Salter Rd past Rotherhithe station, walk along til you reach the ground (on the left).
  • Turn left on Surrey Quays Rd, then left again onto Redriff Rd which leads into Salter Rd, carry on walking til you reach the ground (on the right).
    Both options take around 15 minutes to walk.


There are two buses that take you to St Paul’s:

  • 381
  • C10 (single decker)
    both drop you off by the ground in either direction (see route map below)


Nelson Dock Pier is 15 minutes walk away, served by River Bus 4 from Canary Wharf.

Bus routes map:

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