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Fisher FC Covid Risk Assessment and Action Plan (Revised and Updated 6 April 2021))

Here is our updated COVID risk assessment for Fisher FC at St Paul’s to comply with the new government roadmap for lifting restrictions as of 6th April 2021.

It’s 7 pages long but it does go over in detail all the measures we as a club are currently implementing to ensure we will be ready to resume competitive football in the forthcoming season.

The key features in terms of easing us back into regular games and training at St Paul’s

  • No matches to be played with spectators present until Stage 3 of roadmap currently set for May 17th.
  • The club will adhere to current Government guidance of no more no more than 50% of ground capacity as guidance. This places a limit of 650.
  • No licences will be applied for games and no bar or refreshment facilities will be used for games played until at least the start of the2021/22 season (Clubhouse currently under operation only by Millwall Community Trust staff)
  • Changing rooms not be used until May 17th

Please familiarise with the rest of the risk assessment (link below). We know it’s been a difficult period without regular football at St Paul’s but this update risk assessment is a start of where can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel and return to what we love doing most – playing and watching Fisher in action!



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