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Meet the Team: Donna Powell

Interview with Donna Powell by George Bridges

The physio is a vial part of the management team in the club and the one person we would rather never see on the pitch. We are lucky to have such a vibrant personality as Donna. But she is the only female involved so we were interested to get her take on the club.

-So how did you first get into physiotherapy?

“About 4 years ago. But when Andre was physio many years ago for Fisher he use to teach me stuff. (I learned from the best)”

-What led you to being a football physio?

“I’m not sure, just happened”

-Do you do any other physio work?


-Where did you start your football career?

“Red Lion boys club as a manager/coach”

-How many clubs have you physioed (is that a word?) for?


-How did you come to join Fisher?

“Got a call from Bertie asking to come along to help out. But been with Fisher from a young age. Helped to manage (made me make British history) even if it was for one and then coach with Gary Livesy all them years ago”

-How does working for Fisher compare with your experiences at other clubs?

“Only 1 club like Fisher”

-At present Fisher are playing at a level below our expectations, what keeps you at the club?

“Dean, the players and supporters”

-What is the worst injury you have had to deal with?

“No major ones at Fisher but once had to give CPR to a child in kids football as he stopped breathing during a game”

-Any amusing experiences you would like to tell us about?

“Nope (laughing face) be rude to share”

-I think you had a little contretemps with some official recently, what happened about that?

“The ref was out of order. I got angry.. let’s say it left me with a three game match ban lol”

-Have you worked for Dean, the manager, before and how does his management style compare with other managers?

“Dean is a fantastic manager was with him two seasons ago at Fisher. Best gaffer I’ve worked with. He cares a lot for his staff and players. He looks to develop the players both physically and mentally. But don’t take no shit”

-You are the lone female in a very male atmosphere…how have you found that?

“Easy I always give as good as I get. Players and staff treat me well and we have lots of banter …wouldn’t want it any other way. Apart from when I have to make cuppa soup (little joke for Dean)”

-What would be your message to the Fisher choir, the faithful followers who turn out home and away?

“You all are fantastic keep up the good singing. Thank you for always being behind us and the players,manager and back room staff appreciate and love you loads”

-Can we turn to more personal aspects….would you like to tell us about your family?

“Fisher is my family. Apart from my little boy who now plays for Fisher under 7s and doing very well. So keep a look out for him”

-Do you have any hobbies or pastimes apart from football?

“No I’m a football kind of girl”

-What music is on your ipod?


-Where would you go for your favourite meal?

“I don’t have time always at work or football. So nice Chinese indoors is good enough for me”

-The last film you enjoyed?

“Beauty and the Beast (laughing face)”

-Favourite team in the professional league?

“That’s a hard one.. whoever is at the top”

-And what ambitions you have beyond Fisher?

“To finish my teaching degree or be a midwife”

Well thanks Donna and look forward to next three points for the Fish, and a few more games without injury.

George Bridges



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